Grand Design Mid-Atlantic Rally

Queen Bee RV: Mid-Atlantic Owners’ Rally Bootcamp

I’m Brenda aka Queen Bee RV.  I’m a certified RV inspector and Registered RV Service Technician, I’m a Technical Assistant at the National RV Training Academy, and most importantly, I am an RV Training Coach for Women! 

I am also very excited to bring a unique opportunity to the Grand Design Mid-Atlantic Owner’s Rally in September.  This training is tailored to women and taught by women, but is open and valuable to everyone. 

What is it all about? 

  • Rally Bootcamp: I am developing a one-day women-focused bootcamp for all levels of Grand Design RV Owners.  I specialize in providing the opportunity for women to learn in a relaxed, non-intimidating, confidence-boosting environment.  There will be something for everybody from the RV Rookies to the experienced Road Warriors and couples or solo travelers.
  • RV Safety Tailored Towards Women: I love preparing women to better operate your RV in a safe manner and give you effective troubleshooting techniques that can be applied right out of the gate.  If you have frustrations or fears about RV electrical systems, propane use, getting ahead of maintenance issues, deciding what to do when things go wrong, plus want some peace of mind about your safety in the RV – I’ve got you covered.  Let’s take the fear factor out and add some hands-on practice in real-time, so you can focus on the fun!
  • Interactive Learning Environment: I promise there will be no talking over your head and blasting you with terms that tend to make RVers discouraged.  What keeps Queen Bee RV workshop attendees coming back for more is that I use a combination of learning styles including visual, auditory and kinesthetic by incorporating images, videos, brain-boosting print material, group activities, and hands-on exercises.  I know I will answer the questions you didn’t even know you had yet. 

Queen Bee RV Training Videos